Meet the Fusion Team

Andy Boehnlein
Implementation & Training Specialist
My Role: Lead implementations for new clients, assist in material creation for online education center, and internal team building and learning opportunities

About me:
 I currently am a Training and Implementation Specialist with Fusion. Prior to that, I worked in campus recreation at the University of New Mexico, University of Michigan, University of Akron and University of Dayton mostly within intramurals and club sports. Outside of work, I enjoy being outside, crafting, and helping with local community musical theatre.

Christine Panella
Client Learning & Development Lead
My Role: Focus on current client training & education, assist with implementations for new clients and engage with all clients to ensure they have a positive experience and utilization with our services.

About me:
I've been in the extended Fusion Family since 2019 as a Campus Rec client and joined the company on the Education team in January 2021. My favorite aspect of my role is getting to work closely with our clients and getting to tackle a different "puzzle" each time to find ways for our software to best serve your members' needs & business practices. Outside of work I enjoy: being outside whether it's walking, pickleball or enjoying coffee on the patio, Crossfit, working crossword/brain buster puzzles, cooking, traveling (to clients & personal vacay spots) and spending time with my significant other Nick.

Connor Gatten
Video Production Specialist
My Role: 
Creating video and motion graphics to connect with our clients. Whether it is writing, filming, editing, or performing I help create it all.

About me:
 I love to tell stories! Stories are what connect people, whether it’s our team or are awesome clients getting to be part of and share those stories excites me. I also love to create and getting to be part of this amazing team lets me do both daily.
Jason Kaul
Client Account Manager
My Role: Utilizing my customer service experience, people skills, along with my IT troubleshooting background to help our clients get the most out of our Fusion suite of software. Often working with our Implementation, DevOps, Sales, Education, Support, and Development teams to successfully speak on behalf of our clients and help to resolve any issues or requests that they may have.

About me:
 I've been with InnoSoft Fusion for nearly 4 years now and started with the CSS team on the front lines. I moved into an Account Manager role in my 2nd year and love working with our clients to help them get the most out of our Fusion products! In my free time, I'm an avid basketball fan and came out of playing varsity basketball in University. I love meeting new people and getting to know more about our clients from all of our various schools!

Kelly Ibele
eLearning Strategies Lead
My Role: Create eLearning resources and courses, train new clients, and manage the back-to-base product trainings in the Education & Learning Center.

About me: I've been working with Fusion for 3 years. Prior to working here at Fusion, I worked in Campus Recreation as an Intramural Sports Coordinator. Outside of work, you can find me taking in any Atlanta sporting event, hiking, or reading

Kristi Justice
Director of Professional Services
My Role: Provide leadership and direction for the Implementation & Education teams, which includes new client implementation of all products, and educational offerings & services for both new & existing clients.

About me:
I've been working with Fusion for 6 years and was a client for 4 years prior, which has ignited my passion for giving our clients the best educational experiences with Fusion! I can't wait to connect with everyone at the conference. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, crafting, golfing, and kayaking!


Lawrence Brown
Client Account Manager
My Role: Work closely with our clients to ensure their goals are being met and are getting the most out of Fusion's products and services. Also advocate for client needs ensuring their voices are being heard

About me:
Lawrence has been with Fusion for 2+ years with prior Campus Rec experience. Lawrence enjoys meeting with our clients and helping them achieve their Rec goals. Lawrence loves basketball & anime and can talk about either all day.


Steph Massat
Account Executive Region III & VI
My Role: Assists clients in Regions 3 and 6 while introducing them to our various offerings and refine Fusion Wave to align with clients' needs

About me:
 Stephanie is the Account Executive for Regions 3 and 6, and she also works as the Fusion Wave Product Manager. In her free time, she enjoys being a proud mom to her son, Bradley, and her fur baby, Tucker. Stephanie is an avid traveler and is always looking for new adventures. If you have any recommendations, feel free to share them with her!


Tyler Skworchinski
Chief Operating Officer
My Role: Provide our team with the best resources, processes and tooling available so we can deliver more value to Clients today than we did yesterday.

About me:
 My partner Sandra and I are avid travelers, trying to see as much of this beautiful planet as possible. When not travelling, I am very much a homebody who enjoys cooking and hanging out with our cat, Mala. I am very fortunate I get to work with extremely talented, hard-working, passionate people (Clients and Colleagues) and have the opportunity to challenge myself every day.


Vinit Panwala
Digital Graphic Designer
My Role: Apply design thinking and creative direction skills to bring ideas to life across various marketing and company wide projects.

About me:
 As a Graphic Designer, I get to work on various creative marketing projects to bring you the best experiences and opportunities from Fusion. When not designing, I enjoy getting outdoors for hikes, photo/video shoots, and training in the gym.