About the Learning Center

What is it?

The Fusion Education & Learning Center was created to host all of Fusion's learning opportunities in one place to ensure our clients are getting the training they need in order to efficiently use our products. The Learning Center offers various types of learning opportunities so that there is an option for everyone based on their preferred method of learning. 
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We offer a variety of courses for every skill level, from beginner for those who want to learn the basics, to the more advanced user who wants to expand their knowledge to become their institution's resident Fusion expert. Our courses cover a variety of Fusion modules and its add-on products.

Event Registration

The Learning Center now hosts all of our event registrations from free monthly webinars to the Fusion Summit, our annual client conference! Once registered, you can easily join remote sessions via the Learning Center and find all the information you need for in-person events, all in one place.

Fusion Community

How do other Fusion institutions configure and use Fusion? The Learning Center will provide a platform for our clients to speak to one another and share ideas for best practices. The community feature will be launched in Summer of 2024. 

Featured Learning Paths

We know everyone learns differently, so the Learning Center uses a variety of delivery methods to ensure you're able to get the information you need, in your preferred learning style.
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Learn about Fusion on your own time, from the comfort of your office with our self-led trainings. These trainings use a variety of in-course learning methods to help you understand the content. From animated explanatory videos, to click-through tutorials and written content, you can learn Fusion at your own speed, at any time of day!

Courses that are Self-Led:
  • Fusion Foundations
  • Add-On Product Training 

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Blended Learning

A blended learning approach combines self-led and live sessions. This learning method allows you to still complete certain lessons or activities at your own speed, but also gain the value of live, instructor-led sessions where you can ask questions and immediately receive answers or feedback. 

Courses that are Blended Learning:
  • Fusion Champ Series
  • Fusion Implementation Training (New Fusion Clients only)
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Live Sessions & Events

Our live sessions allow you to learn about Fusion directly from a Fusion trainer. These sessions allow you to ask questions of the trainer, or of other Fusion users and receive immediate answers or feedback. Take live learning to new levels with in-person events, where you not only get live learning, but get to interact with others in social settings and see Fusion in action. 

Events that are Live:
  • Fusion Webinar Series
  • Fusion Summit
  • Fusion NIRSA Pre-Conference

Who can use it?

Unlimited Learners

Each institution can have as many learners as they wish to add.

Free Access

Access to the Learning Center is free for all clients! However, please note some courses and events do have a cost.

One Login

Simply log in with your Fusion Hub account that you already use to access Screensteps & support tickets.

User Accounts

Need to add a user? Ask your Fusion administrator to submit a ticket and request a Hub login for new users. Make sure to include their full name and email.
Something for Everyone

Explore our Courses

Fusion Foundations

Courses for beginners. Explore a variety of self-led courses on different Fusion modules. From Multi-Visit Passes, to Eligibility and Memberships, learn how different areas of Fusion fit together.

Fusion Champ Series

Have a basic understanding of Fusion but want to grow from novice to advanced learner? Become your institution's 'Fusion Champ' by enrolling in one of our instructor-led Champ Series courses.


We love seeing our Fusion Family! Join us at one of our live Fusion webinars, or register for the upcoming Fusion Summit! 

Add-on Product Training

If you utilize one or multiple of our products in the Fusion Ecosystem, click below to access our self-led product overview trainings.