Fusion Champ Series

The Fusion Champ Series is an online series of certification courses where we take clients and turn them into champions.
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Become a Fusion Expert at your Institution

With the guidance of the Education team, the courses look deep into the configuration and management of Fusion. Go from novice to expert throughout 3 sessions of learning, where you'll take part in lessons, complete activities alongside other Fusion users, and leave the course with an official certification of being a Fusion champ in the course module.

Certified Fusion Champs

Certifications issued

Become an Expert

Develop in-depth knowledge of Fusion features to become your institution's Fusion Champion

Troubleshoot Efficiently

Identify key problem solving techniques to assist your institution with training and troubleshooting of Fusion

Get Certified

Obtain certifications in different Fusion feature sets to aid in future professional development opportunities

Boost your Confidence

Feel confident in your Fusion knowledge and help pass the fever onto your coworkers and employees
Which path will you take?

What types of courses are offered?

3, 2.5 Hour Sessions

Each session goes in-depth into multiple components of the topic such as configuration, sales, and management.


Receive an official certification at the end of the course that you can hang in your office or promote on your resume.

Weekly assignments & Final project

Weekly knowledge checks will be assessed and you'll be required to complete a final project to pass the course.

Multiple Group Activities

Multiple opportunities to interact with other institutions to see how they utilize Fusion, while working through scenarios on the course topic

Full Courses


1, 2.5 Hour Session

Shorter time commitment so you can gain new knowledge in one sitting

One topic

Focus in on the details of one topic area in Fusion which can be more manageable for learners

No outside work

All course information will be presented on within the timeframe of the workshop, leaving no outside work

No certification

Workshops will help you learn more about the topic, but there will not be a certification that goes along with it 

Here's what our champions have to say

As someone who has used Fusion for several years, I really appreciated a fresh look at the functionality of existing areas as well as an in-depth dive into some of the newer features. The course was well-organized, engaging, and allowed for conversation with other professionals to learn how other organizations use the software. I was able to take away several new goals on ways to interact with our members and improve their overall experience, along with the tools to be successful in those goals
— Pat Langendorfer, Syracuse University
I just completed three Fusion Champ Courses and feel so much more confident in my abilities in Fusion. Loved the energy of the instructors and the  platform was easy to use and is really helpful to refer back to as needed. The activities and projects really gave me some hands-on practice in implementing what I learned. Can't wait to put this all into practice!
— Andrea Wood, University of California, Riverside
This course is a MUST attend for all Rec Professionals that deal with Memberships! It not only helps to understand how Fusion can help you set up different offerings, but the practical exercises present real-world examples on how to handle different situations. An unexpected bonus, we get to interact and meet other professionals who use Fusion in different ways that can serve as inspiration for evolving how you can use Fusion.
— Edwin Molina, Duke University
Fusion Champ Series

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