Facilities, Occupancy, and Access

Spring 2024 Session

We know a lot goes into managing your facilities, but Fusion is here to make it as easy as possible! Join us for our Facilities, Occupancy, and Access Management course to learn more about how Fusion can help you manage these areas.
Course Dates

Apr. 22nd
Apr. 24th
Apr. 29th

Must attend all dates to complete course
Course Times

2:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST

What can I expect to learn from this course?

In-depth knowledge

Develop in-depth knowledge in the following Fusion modules:

  • Facilities, Occupancy, and Access
  • Facility Access Communication Tasks
  • Access and Occupancy Reporting

New tools

Be able to identify:

  • Key Fusion language and terms utilized by front-line staff and members
  • Common aspects of errors members or staff may encounter
  • Tips and tricks related to Facilities, Occupancy, and Access

Better understanding

Obtain a better understanding of:

  • How to identify, troubleshoot, and solve configuration issues in regards to Facilities, Occupancy, and Access

Kelly Ibele

Hi! I am so excited to be working with you all within the Fusion Champ Series courses! Currently, I am located near Atlanta, Georgia, but have also lived in Wyoming and Idaho.

Prior to working at Fusion, I worked in the Campus Recreation field as an Intramural Coordinator. I joined Fusion in March 2021 as a member of the Support Team and began working with the Education Team in February 2022. I loved working in the Campus Recreation field and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to continue this work from a new lens at Fusion! My favorite part about my job is working with clients and helping them serve their patrons in the best way possible.

Some fun facts about me: I love sports (especially all things Atlanta sports), being outside, hiking with my pup (who you may hear in the background), exploring, drinking coffee, and reading.